About Us

Digital presence is a must for all organizations in todays world. Online visibility become the important factor to win the competition, to conquer the market. From launching product, provide information, services, customer relationship and marketing as well as customer engagement, everything is digitalized and done online. Those who are incapable to infuse the digital technology development into their business, are far behind the competition and could affect their going concern.

WibiDigital help organizations (companies, government institutions, and other entities) to integrate digital technology into the business. We are good partner for your digitalization journey, involving in every digitalization step that would be pursued. Start from assisting organization in IT setup, handling troubleshooting (IT Help Desk) and move the operations to the cloud, as well as planning the digital presence and operations through development of web and/or apps. As organizations advance to automate the business process, we are able to assist in creation or development of related customized software that enable organizations automate their operations.

Our strength lies in our ability to understand your business and organization comprehensively, so we can plan, design, and develop web/apps or software that reflect your organization character and need. We are equipped with latest digital technology skills. Good communication and collaboration are also keys in our service delivery.

Core Value



Deliver satisfying works with brilliant ideation, planning, design and development. Listen carefully to client needs and expectation. Propose the best design, function, and feature to meet client expectation.


Understand that trust from client is important. We appreciate trust given to us and always ready to assist client, as the partner to solve digital problems.


Make everything we do becoming inspiration to client and community to do better. Our aim is to be part of a good community and to take actions to make the life better for the community in area of humanity, environment, diversity, equity and governance.


Adapt to new technology, keep learning to develop the relevant skills. We are growing in digital competency, mastering the new technology to benefit our client and community. Also developing the inner-self skills to become a better person and organization.


We do our job happily knowing that we create a good thing that useful to our client and community. We love our work and work what we love. Happy mind makes us forward and healthy.


Discipline is part of personal and organization success. Deliver work on time and professional. We value client urgency and employ our best effort to fulfill the needs.